Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

What is Prestige?

Prestige is a live video chat site, where you can chat with amateur performers while watching them on webcam.

We have performers of every type! Learn more about each performer by going to their bio page. Once you've chosen the performer you're interested in, you can access their chat to talk with the performer.

We do not charge a monthly or recurring fee to view the site.

Are the Models performing live?

If you see them live on webcam or conduct a telephone Chat with them then yes they are live.

How can I find a Performer?

The best way of finding a performer is to visit the Home page and clicking on their individual profile.

How do I register as a Member?

Please visit the Individual Ladies profile from the Home page. Or Click on The Member Login: Register link at the top of the page.

How do I pay for Web cam Shows, Content and Phone Chat?

Easy! Click on the individual models profile from the Home page and click on either the webcam, phone chat or donation box and a menu will pop up. This will give you the Log in or Registration buttons!

The webcam buttons and phone buttons do not display?

The site is optimised for Java Script and as such will only work when you enable this.

This will work for Windows Laptops and works best for Firefox and Chrome Browsers. If you are using ios or Mac then you will need to download Cloud Browse via the App Store.

What if the performer doesn't do what I want?

Performers are not obligated to do anything you demand! Most are willing to put on a show for you if you are nice.

The perfomer is in charge. This is a consensual service. These are real people broadcasting, and they will have different likes and dislikes. Abide by the Terms and conditions of the website.

How do I join as a Performer?

Please visit the Performer Sign Up page.

How often do you Pay out?

You can request your money every 7 days and we have three methods of payment: UK bank Transfer, £50 minimum payout, no transfer fee.

International Bank Transfer, £100 minimum payout, £10 transfer fee. PrePaid MasterCard ®, £10 minimum payout, no transfer fee. An option to apply for the PrePaid MasterCard ® will appear in your account after at least 1 bank transfer from us. We have PrePaid MasterCard in EUR, GBP and USD. For more information regarding our PrePaid Cards please message us using our social media accounts.

Do you own Copyright for Content uploaded by models?

In line with our policies we have decided you the performer should own this. We would request from time to time to use materials but never assume ownership. But the website design is all ours and no part of it may be copied. Model Content can also not be copied by members and must not be shared amongst none members or on any other platform. Doing so will invalidate your membership and we will take strong action.