Why Join Prestige?

Why Prestige?
Prestige is a model managed adult platform. Our business administration team have at one time or another been adult models. We have worked off many different websites from 2005-2016. Infact some of our admin team still are models. This is what they enjoy doing. And Prestige has a vested interest in safeguarding models and wants to provide you with better working conditions and pay terms.
I don't want to do Webcam!
Not a problem at all. It is all about individual choice. We also offer Phone Chat and if that is not your cup of tea then content creation is available too.
I don't have a laptop? Only a mobile. Can I join?
Absolutely Yes, you can. Our hardware and software will upgrade your streaming experience. However, the best experience for online webcam sessions is via laptop, so we do recommend for webcam sessions to take place on a laptop.
Do I need to download any software?

No, you don't need too. We offer a browser-based solution meaning no downloads; just log into your Dashboard, follow the link shown within the Model Admin console.

Pay Rates and frequency of Pay?
You keep 60% for Webcams, Phone Chat and Content Creation. If anyone tips you then you keep 70%. Speak to us via Email or via instagram, Twitter and we could offer you a higher percentage. We are always willing to work with you. Our percentage is 10% and the rest goes to the payment processing and IT suppliers.You can request your money every 7 days and we have three methods of payment: UK bank Transfer, £50 minimum payout, no transfer fee.
  • An option to apply for the PrePaid MasterCard ® will appear in your account after at least 1 bank transfer from us.
  • We have PrePaid MasterCard in EUR, GBP and USD. For more information regarding our PrePaid Cards please contact us via our social media.

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