Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

What is Prestige?

Prestige is a live video chat site, where you can chat with amateur performers while watching them on webcam. You can also sell content.

We have performers of every type! So don't worry if you think you are not the type that will be in demand.

This is a pay per minute website for Webcams and Phone Chat.

What makes you different?

Prestige is the brain child of two former Adult industry workers. We understand the nature of the business.

Will I Own the Content?

In line with our policies we have decided you the performer should own this. We would request from time to time to use materials but never assume ownership.

But the website design is all ours and no part of it may be copied.

Model Content can also not be copied by members and must not be shared amongst none members or on any other platform.

Doing so will invalidate your membership and we will take strong action.

But I am not in the U.K.?

This website is optimised for use in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, the EU and Other Countries including Finland, Denmark and Sweden.

How does it work?

Our software would be logged into by performer and once there can start Webcam Show, Phone Chat or upload Video/Pictures.

What are the Payment processes?

We have three methods of payment:

>UK bank Transfer, £50 minimum payout, no transfer fee.

International Bank Transfer, £100 minimum payout, £10 transfer fee.

PrePaid MasterCard ®, £10 minimum payout, no transfer fee.

An option to apply for the PrePaid MasterCard will appear in your account after at least 1 bank transfer from us. We have PrePaid MasterCard in EUR, GBP and USD.

How much for Pay out?

Please see above tab.

How often do I get paid?

You can request your money every 7 days.

What percentages do I keep?

Because we are using the very best pay-per-minute software the split for Webcam and PhoneChat right now is 60% for you. However if a client makes a donation or leaves a tip, then you get 70% from that. We love to fight for our performers and in order to make it better for you, we have fought hard however to get you little to no fee on withdraw, so check up the ways you can be paid and benefit on the above questions.

Where can I sign up?

Please visit the Performer Sign Up page.